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The Power of Community. Delivered.

We connect brands with organically grown and highly engaged digital assets.

About Us

Black Ice Media is a boutique firm specializing in the acquisition, growth, and strategic sale of high-value social media profiles. We curate a portfolio of premium digital assets, meticulously crafted for brands seeking established communities and impactful online presences.

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Black Ice Approach

We dedicate our hours sowing seeds and cultivating trees, ensuring that when you arrive, the fruit is at its peak of ripeness, ready for consumption.


We source and acquire high-potential social media profiles, either through purchase or organic growth from scratch.

Organic Growth

Our experts cultivate loyal communities for our social media assets using proven organic growth strategies.

Strategic Sales

We connect premium brands with established social media profiles for a targeted and smooth transition, maximizing value for all.

Growth Management (Optional)

For select clients, we provide ongoing growth management to maintain audience engagement after social media acquisition.

Black Ice Benefits

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Expert Management

Black Ice Media solves problems by providing tailored social media solutions that help brands authentically connect with their target audiences, immediately, and achieve sustainable growth online

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Who We Work With

Black Ice Media partners with established and premium brands seeking to elevate their social media presence and connect with targeted audiences. These brands understand the power of a pre-engaged community and the value of authenticity. 

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Find Your People

We link businesses with naturally developed and remarkably engaged digital resources.